Average-in (avgi) Price Limit Strategy

“Average-in” price limit strategy is most valuable benefit which ShinyPennyStocks.com provides:

  1. Biggest mistake made by penny stock buyer:
    • Purchasing entire position all at once or
    • at near most recent high
  1. penny shares are much less liquid than:
    • blue chips
    • high price shares,
  1. Probability is high for price of a penny share to subsequently go lower than the price the shares were initially purchased at.
  2. Investing in penny stocks requires an investor to be very disciplined about:
    • the price he or she pays for the shares.
    • Maintaining cash reserves to Average-in
  1. Average-in strategy enables investor to harness or to leverage penny stock volatility.
    • Additional shares can be added at lower prices than the price the shares were initially purchased
    • Averaging in at lower prices lowers a subscriber’s cost basis and increases profits.
  1. If the share price subsequently climbs to new highs instead of declining to ShinyPennyStocks.com’s lower limit price, the subscriber has a profit. Cash reserved to add to the stake can instead be utilized for ShinyPennyStocks.com’s next recommendation.

The Average-in strategy was first recommended in ShinyPennyStocks.com’s 01/05/2021 update for Investview (INVU).   The strategy was also utilized for 04/01/2021 recommendation of Vertex Energy (VTNR).  See case studies: