and its owner and operator, Dynasty Wealth were founded by Michael Markowski, who began his career (see highlights) in the financial markets with Merrill Lynch in 1977.  Michael’s very first recommendation ever during the midst of the 1966-1982 Secular Bear market was GEICO at $7.50.  Michael’s second-ever recommendation, Philips Industries @ $4.00 per share which had also experienced an 80% plus share price decline.  

GEICO was acquired by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway for $70 per share and Philips was acquired by a unit of Merrill Lynch for $24 per share. To understand why investing into a diversified portfolio of penny stocks is one of the essentials for investing during a secular bear market click to watch “Small Caps, IPOs, Penny Stocks, Startups, Exclusively Produce Long Term Capital Gains During Secular Bears” video about Secular Bear investing strategies.    

Due to the shares of both multiplying by 10 and six times, Michael’s passion throughout his 44-year career has been to find and recommend “10 baggers” which are stocks that have the potential to multiply by 10 times. is the most unique of all providers of penny stock recommendations:

  • Michael and the analysts who find and recommend the stocks do not take positions in them. This enables them to continue to provide objective analysis.
  • The analysts receive bonuses which are based on the performance of their recommendations.
  • All of the recommendations have buy-price limits which are adjusted downwards and upwards by the analyst. The analyst also specifies the percentage of total to be invested at varying prices.

The table and share price chart for actual recommendation for Investview (INVU) below are great examples of how operates.  Investview was recommended by Michael at buy limit price instructions ranging from $0.015 in July of 2019 to $0.05 in December of 2019.  The share price remaining below $0.05 through December of 2020 enabled subscribers to be well-positioned for a significant long-term capital gain.  After analyst Keven Young joined Dynasty Wealth in 2020 he re-recommended the shares on January 5, 2021, at an average price of $0.118.

Michael had the better performance based on INVU’s $0.42 closing share price as of 3/30/21 since he had recommended the shares a year earlier.  However, Keven’s buy limit prices for INVU shares after they had increased to above $0.10 was superb.  Those who arrived late to the party and followed Keven’s implicit instructions had an average cost basis of $0.118 even though the first 25% of the stake that they had purchased was at a price of $0.1575.