A botched television ad for Peloton Interactive, Inc., has validated Jinglz’ patent pending emotion reading technology and CAMPAIGN TESTER™ app.

The market value of Peloton (symbol: PTON) declined by $1.6 billion after the ad was launched.

The probability of the share price of Jinglz, Dynasty Wealth’s showcase company going from a recent $1.50 to a projected discounted cash flow low valuation of $60.49 and high valuation of $156.34 by 2024 or sooner has increased.

The enormous publicity generated by the ad is a bonanza for Jinglz.

The chart below depicts that 100 females and 100 males who viewed the ad via their CAMPAIGN TESTER™ app were confused, angry and sad.

Had Jinglz proprietary app been utilized to test the emotions evoked from the ad before it was aired the embarrassing situation for Peloton and its share price collapse could have been avoided.


Mekanism, Peloton’s award-winning US ad agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago, who created the ad becomes the case study which Jinglz will leverage for its marketing and sales activities.

Every ad agency’s biggest nightmare is potentially losing a large client due to their creative for an ad campaign backfiring. In the US alone there are 13,737 ad agencies.

Jinglz technology and products are well positioned to become prolific in the global television and video ad industry which will grow to $558 billion by 2022.